Announcement to Denver B-cycle Riders

November 21, 2019

Dear Rider,
We have some news and we want to make sure you heard it from us first. As you know, Denver Bike Sharing launched Denver B-cycle on April 22, 2010 as the first large scale bike sharing system in the country. We are sad to announce that on January 30, 2020, Denver Bike Sharing will close the Denver B-cycle system.
There is no one reason. As with anything, there are multiple factors that led to our decision.


  • As you all are very aware the mobility landscape has shifted dramatically in the past few years. The competition combined with our current system and operations will not allow us to be financially viable in the long term and to grow the system to meet the mobility needs of Denver.

  • Our system needs replacing. Our system is 10 years old. As much as we have loved working with BCycle LLC, the capital cost to replace the current system with the B-cycle equivalent is too much for a non-profit. Plus we believe there is better technology out there that would allow us to have a more efficient and reliable system and expand to the degree we believe is right for Denver.

  • Our contract with BCycle LLC expires on January 30, 2020 so we have to shut the system down at that time.

Denver Bike Sharing will continue to exist and is currently in talks with a new vendor that we feel is better suited to our and the City’s long-term mobility goals. Unfortunately, during this transition, there will be a gap in service.
What does it mean for you? If you are a 5280, Annual, Monthly or Flex Pass member, your pass will be honored through January 30, 2020 with unlimited rides up to 60 minutes.
We know we are disrupting how you commute and get around and we are sorry for that.
The staff and board of directors of Denver Bike Sharing would like to say thank you. You have supported us over the last nine years. You have ridden over 5 million miles on B-cycle’s. You were with us at the start, helping to start that “two wheeled revolution” we began in 2010. You have loved our system as much as we have loved it.
From our team, we have enjoyed serving you, repairing and moving bikes around for you, talking to you – even when you have called with problems. An organization is only as good as its people and we have always considered our riders “our people”.
Your feedback is always important to us, so if you would like to talk more we are always available at 303-825-3325.

Denver B-cycle Staff

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