Denver B-cycle Annual Pass

Did you know that you can ride Denver B-cycle for just 25 cents a day.  Sign up for a Denver B-cycle Annual Pass for just $91.25 (regular price $95.00) and you can make unlimited 30 minute trips all year long. There are 89 stations conveniently located throughout Central Denver so you can always find a bike and a station.  

The Annual Pass - $91.25 (Regular price is $95)

To sign up, follow the instructions and use the promo code 9125 to get your 2018 Denver B-cycle Annual Access Pass. Code must be used by 12/31/2018.

New Access Pass Holders

  • Click the Sign Up button in the upper right to be directed to our registration page. 

  • Fill out the profile form using your email, select Annual Pass ($95).

  • Enter 9125 in the promotion code section for the Annual Pass. 

  • The credit card will give you access to your Annual Pass right away and pay any overtime fees.

  • Your Annual Pass will be live as soon as you sign up. To check out a bike before your receive your B-card/B-fob, you can use your mobile phone number at any kiosk. Just select “Passholder” after choosing "Check Out A Bike" at any Denver B-cycle kiosk.

  • Download the Free BCycle App to view stations with current bike and dock availability and get route directions: (

  • You will receive your B-card in the mail within two weeks of registering.  Your Annual Pass will be valid for 365 days from date of sign up.


  • Click the Login button in the upper right to be directed to our registration page.  If you have forgotten your login or password, just call us at (303) 825-3325.

  • Click Renew located to the right of your profile information.

  • Fill out the profile form using your email, select Annual Pass ($95).

  • Enter 9125 in the promotion code section for the Annual  Pass. 

  • Your pass will add 365 days to your current pass.  If your current expiration date is 11/5/2018, it will now be 11/5/2019.

  • If you have forgotten your user name, password or B-card, please call (303) 825-3325.

Other useful information

Member Service Hours

Member Services is available 24 hours a day at (303) 825-3325. 


For billing inquiries please call between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

System Operating Hours

  • 5 a.m. – Midnight

  • Bikes can be checked in 24 hours a day.

How to use the Bcycle App

  • Download for iPhone and Android.

  • You can check out a bike with your phone, just tap on the station icon and follow the instructions.

  • Integrated map with real-time availability.

  • Quick directions to the closest station.

What are overtime fees?

Overtime fees refer to fees charged based on how long your checkout lasts. If your checkout is 30 minutes or less, the overtime fee is always zero. After the first 30 minutes, $5.00 will be charged for trips between 31-60 minutes and for every 30 minutes after. 

NOTE: Overtime fees are billed the first of the every month.

How to use the bike lock

Wrap the cable around whatever you are locking the B-cycle to, then insert the metal end of the cable lock into a lock hole located underneath the basket. Once the lock is engaged, the black key with a “B” on the end will release. Keep the key with you until you are ready to unlock the B-cycle and continue on your way. Remember if you keep a bike out of the system for more than 30 minutes, you will be charged usage fees.

Head's Up Riding Tips 

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  • Obey traffic signs and signals. Ride your B-cycle like you drive your car.

  • Always ride WITH traffic. Riding against traffic is illegal.

  • Riding on the 16th Street Mall is permitted on Saturday & Sundays.

  • Ride as far to the right as you feel safe and is practical to arrive at your destination.

  • Be predictable and visible.

  • Always signal your intentions & use lights at night.

  • Make eye contact. If you can’t see the driver, they can’t see you.

  • Be aware of buses. Never pass a bus on the right.

  • No riding on sidewalks except when you are on a designated city bike route or plan to park on the block and ride at 6mph or less.  It is legal to ride on the sidewalk when accessing B-stations.

  • Announce your pass with voice or bell on bike paths.

  • Protect your head by wearing a helmet whenever possible.

  Operating Hours 5 AM - Midnight

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