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An Unexpected Safety Product

Most people who ride bikes in the city are often familiar with not being given enough space when sharing the roads with motorists in cars. If there is not a bike lane, it becomes intimidating to some to ride into traffic, even if you do have the right to "take the lane." Someone driving a car may attempt to pass you anyway, and if you move to the side of the road there's a chance you will not be given a safe passing distance. Denver requires motorists to leave 3 feet of space when passing a cyclist, but many drivers don't know this or are unable to correctly visualize the distance.

Since you can't control what motorists do in the moment they pass you on the road, some cyclists have come up with an expensive yet effective way to increase their allowed space on the road. The solution involves attaching a pool noodle to the back of the bike that will require motorists to leave enough safe to safely pass. While it may look silly, this brightly colored piece of equipment can save you from motorists getting to close to you, and is even a creative way to bring awareness to bicycle safety.

You can read about one cyclist's experience with using a pool noodle here: "Why Every Cyclist Needs a Pool Noodle".

While a pool noodle is a cheap and inventive option to increase your visibility and cushion, it's no replacement for a helmet or any of the other safety gear you use on the road. And although using a pool noodle may be difficult when riding a B-cycle, even visualizing that amount of space on your bike could help you understand how you are within your rights to take the space you need among traffic.


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