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Give Yourself a Boost

As many of you already know, Denver Bike Sharing has partnered with Drop Mobility to add a limited number of electric assist bikes to our fleet. We’re excited for our riders to try these fun new bikes, and want you all to be safe while doing it.

All of the same safety tips for riding a regular bicycle apply to riding e-bikes: ride with traffic, wear a helmet, etc. It is worth noting that e-bikes are faster and heavier than regular bikes, and this may lead to additional safety considerations.

Be prepared for drivers to underestimate your speed. Drivers tend to assume that people on bikes are moving relatively slowly, don’t be surprised if a driver pulls into your path even after seeing you because they don’t realize how quickly you are coming. As smooth and effortless as these bikes are, you might also find yourself going faster than you realize. Use an abundance of caution as you’re getting accustomed to the bike, and allow a little more distance for braking than you would with a traditional bike.

Also be very cautious riding in crowded or congested areas until you are familiar with the bike. You might find that the motor kicks in unexpectedly, and that a light push on the pedals propels you further and faster than anticipated.

Be safe and have fun, we hope you enjoy the new bikes. Let us know what you think, your feedback will be instrumental in the continuation of this exciting new program.

You can contact us by email at info@denverbcycle.org.

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