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Finding a Safe Route: City Park

There's no denying City Park is one of the best parks in Denver. With great trails, a scenic lake, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and the Denver Zoo, there's so much it has to offer. There's also no denying that biking to the park is one of the best ways to enjoy the landscape, get some exercise, and avoid the hassle of parking.

To make the ride to City Park a little bit easier and safer, we have provided some basic directions on which route you can take. The starting points for these routes are based on the main areas where B-cycle stations are located. Once there, you can ride on any of the multi-use paths throughout the park. Don't forget you can dock your B-cycles at either the Denver Zoo or the Denver Museum of Nature & Science stations.

Once again, we have come up with both a quick route and a quiet route that you can use depending on your comfort level in riding alongside motorists. Remember, it's up to you to choose whichever route you feel safe riding, and make sure to have a plan to turn these general route suggestions into specific directions.

These route ideas are created using personal experience, Google Maps, and Avi Stopper's Bike Streets Map.

How to Ride to City Park

From RiNo/Five Points:

  • The Quick Route: Ride southwest and make your way to Clarkson St. Take Clarkson St. to 23rd Ave., which you can ride to the 23rd Ave entrance of City Park.

  • The Quiet Route: Use 26th St. and 25th Ave. to ride to and turn right on Emerson St. Turn left on 24th Ave. and ride to Race St. Take Race St. to 21st Ave. and use that to ride to the entrance of the park on 21st Ave. & York St.

From Downtown (Union Station):

  • The Quick Route: Make your way to 19th St. and ride west to cross Broadway Blvd and continue onto 20th Ave. Take 20th Ave., switch to 21st Ave. when you get to the medical campus, and ride to the 21st Ave & York St. entrance of City Park.

  • The Quiet Route: Use 21st Ave. to ride out of downtown, and connect with Sherman St. by turning right on Grant St., right on 20th Ave., and left on Sherman St. Take that to 16th Ave, turn left, and ride until you reach City Park Esplanade. Turn left and ride to the 17th Ave. entrance of the park.

From Highlands:

  • The Quick Route: Take 32nd Ave. to Central St. and cross to get to 20th St. Ride down 20th St. on the shared sidewalk and turn left on Lawrence St. Then, turn right on 21st St. and a slight left on 20th Ave. Use 20th Ave and then 21st Ave. to ride to the west entrance of City Park at York St.

  • The Quiet Route: Use 33rd Ave. to make your way to Tejon St. Ride on Tejon St. and then 16th St. across the Highland Bridge and enter the South Platte River Trail. Take the trail north to Little Rave St. and turn right. Turn left on 20th St and left on Blake St. Them, turn right on 21st Ave and ride to Sherman St. Turn left on 16th Ave and ride to City Park Esplanade. Turn left and enter the park at 17th Ave.

From Capital Hill:

  • The Quick Route: Take 12th Ave. west through Cheesman Park and turn left onto St. Paul St. and cross Colfax Ave. at Steele St. Ride Steele St. and ride to the south entrance of City Park at 17th Ave.

  • The Quiet Route: Take 10th Ave. west, turn right on Marion St. and left on 9th Ave. Ride through Cheesman Park and continue west on 11th Ave. Take 11th Ave. to Steele St. and ride to the south entrance of City Park at 17th Ave.

From Washington Park:

  • The Quick Route: Ride through Washington park to the north side and take Marion Pkwy. to Downing St. Turn right on 1st Ave. and then left on Gilpin St. Use 4th Ave. to ride to Williams St. and turn right on 7th. Ave. Take 7th Ave. to St. Paul St., cross Colfax Ave. at Steele St., and ride down to the 17th Ave. entrance of City Park.

  • The Quiet Route: From the north side of Washington Park, turn right on Virginia Ave. and left on Franklin St. The turn right on Dakota Ave. and left on University Blvd. Walk your bike on the sidewalk on University Blvd. for one block so you can access the Cherry Creek Trail at Alameda Ave. Take the trail down., turning left on 1st Ave. and right on Gilpin St. Turn right again on 4th Ave. and ride to Steele St. Take Steele st. all the way to City Park at 17th Ave.


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