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Take Care of Your Bike and it Will Take Care of You

As we transition into prime biking weather, we know many of you might be getting back on your bike for the first time in a while. If your bike has bike has been stored – or worse, left out in the elements – over the winter it will probably need a little attention before it’s ready for your first ride. This could range from airing up the tires and lubing the chain to a complete overhaul. Check out this guide published by the Denver Post to getting your ride ready for the season.

There are also a few safety checks you should make on every bike, every time you ride it, whether it is your personal bike or a B-cycle. Here are 5 steps to remember:

1) Brakes: Before getting on the bike, check each brake separately by pulling the lever hard and trying to push the bike forward. You should be able to entirely prevent each wheel from turning.

2) Tires: Check the air pressure in each tire by squeezing it with your fingers. Do a quick visual inspection of each tire, checking for damage that could lead to tire failure and for pieces of glass or other debris embedded in the tire that could cause a flat if it gets pushed in further once you start riding.

3) Wheels: Check that wheels are securely attached to bike. In particular, if your bike has quick release wheels, check that the quick release mechanism is tightened down and fully in the locked position. Also make sure that there are no broken spokes or cracks in the rim.

4) Frame: Visually inspect the frame for cracks. Even a small crack can spread rapidly and potentially lead to a catastrophic frame failure. If you do find a small crack in your frame, bring it in to be inspected by a professional to determine the seriousness of the damage before riding it.

5) Lights: On a B-cycle or any other bike with a dynamo hub, the front and rear lights should come on as soon as you roll the bike forward. If you have battery-powered lights on your bike, turn them on briefly to make sure they come on and there is no low battery warning.

If you encounter any issue with a B-cycle, please call us at 303-825-3325 so we can perform an inspection and make any needed repairs.

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