Subsidized Pass

We have a subsidized access pass for qualifying low-income Denver residents. The pass is $10 and gives the user 60 minutes of free ride time. Any trips over 60 minutes will be charged standard overtime fees of $5.00 per additional 30 minutes. The pass also comes with a free helmet, while supplies last and is good for 365 days from the date of sign up.


To qualify we need one of the following documents, along with a photo of your Colorado State ID or Drivers License. You will also need a valid credit card tied to your account to cover any overtime fees and bike liability.


Qualifying Documents

1. Colorado EBT Qwest Card
2. Colorado Medicare/Medicaid 
3. Low income housing lease


Other information we need:

1. Phone number & email address

2. Valid Colorado State ID or Drivers License

3. Valid credit card


There are two ways to sign up:


1) Click the "Sign Up" button below and fill out the form so we can determine your eligibility.


2) Click here to email us your information and documents. Make sure to include your phone number.


After submitting the form, we will call you to sign you up. The whole signup process should take about 5 minutes, please have your payment information ready to expedite the whole process.

If you have questions, you may call customer service at (303) 825-3325.

  Operating Hours 5 AM - Midnight

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