The 5280:

Created by the Downtown Denver Partnership, The 5280 is a loop that connects many vibrant, diverse city center neighborhoods in an effort to reimagine and repurpose our shared public spaces. Learn more about The 5280 here: 

The Tour de 5280 Challenge:

Ride The 5280 Loop, stopping at 8 B-cycle stations along the way, in one single day. 

The Rules: 

1. Pick a B-cycle station on the Tour de 5280 Loop and check out a bike. 

2. Ride in either direction to the next B-cycle station on the route. 

        i. Stop at each B-cycle station along the route, and take a photo of you there with your

           B-cycle. You do not need to check in/out the bike at the station. We will adjust your trips at the end so you don't have to               worry about the 60-minute time limit. 

        ii. You must take a photo with at least 8 of the following 10 B-cycle stations: ​

21st & Market

21st & Lawrence

16th & Sherman

12th & Sherman

9th & Santa Fe*

10th & Osage

9th & Curtis

Pepsi Center

16th & Wynkoop 

19th & Market

3. Repeat for the remaining B-cycle stations on the loop, ending at the one you started at. 

        i. You must take photos of each stop to confirm you completed the task. 


4. Stop by the office or send your photos to to let us know when you have finished the Tour de 5280!          We will then adjust your trips so you aren't charged overtime fees. 


5. Celebrate your victory and come pick up your Tour de 5280 t-shirt!

        i. Our office is located at 2737 Larimer St. Suite A Denver, CO 80205 and we are open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm .

        ii. We will also share photos of our winners on our social media pages (if you choose to be featured)!

Safety Rules & Tips: 

1. Wear a helmet. The law does not require you to, but we highly recommend it. If you need to borrow one feel free to pick            one up at the office before you start the challenge.  


2. Our map shows the official bike route on the Tour de 5280 Loop, but you are not required to stick to it in between B-cycle          station stops. Be aware of where there are bike lanes, shared roads, etc. and only ride where you feels safe riding. 

3. Follow all Denver biking rules, and follow all posted signs and route detours if applicable.

4. Bring water and wear sunscreen.

5. Take your time and have fun! Take a look below for our suggested places to stop along the way!

Route Info:

Distance: approx. 5.6 miles  |  Estimated riding time: approx. 1-1.5 hours

(Click here or on the top right of the map below for step-by-step directions and icon legend)

Click here to access the map on a smartphone via Google Maps

*Note: We are currently experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with the 9th & Santa Fe station. Please avoid docking there during your route, unless it's your last stop as you will most likely not be able to check another one out. If you'd like to end your ride there, please contact us so we can manually check in your bike. All we need are the photos to verify your route!

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